Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Week of Joy From The House of Joy - by guest blogger Barbara Ringwald

This week has been filled with one joy after another. How can one person have so many blessings bestowed on them in so few days? From the kids at the orphanage (who can be real imps) to Bro Stan's sermon tonight on Paul's joy on the road to Damascus, the Precept Center, Pastor Ovidiu and his beautiful wife Adina, our student translators, van drivers, this gorgeous mountain setting - everything on this trip has truly touched my heart in a deep way. Even my roomates, Patsy and Annelle - I could not ask for better! I know now what it would be like to be in a nursing home - I'm sleeping on the top bunk that has rails on both sides. I've also met some new running friends who have challenged me to hit the road with a new vigor!

Pace (which translates the peace of Christ be with you)


*additional update from Nathan - Speaking of the word joy...excitment over the House of Joy community center here in Susani that our construction team has been working on all week reached a new level as walls began to form. The PDBC team spent the better part of the day in 100 plus degree conditions loading brick by brick by brick from pallets to the new foundation. I wish that every member at Pioneer Drive could have seen the look on Pastor Ovidiu's face as the outer walls of this much needed facility went up. What began this week as a pile of rocks and a seemingly impossible task has turned into a realized vision for our friends in Romania and a tool to reach many for God's kingdom.


  1. Hey, Barb, I knew you would be blessed and be a blessing this week. Hope you are bringing a ton of pictures back. I can't even imagine what has been accomplished in a week. Just think about how many lives you all have touched with God's love.
    Stay safe and CYA soon.

  2. You girls sound like you are having a time of your lives!!!! I can "hear" the excitement in Barabar's typing. Can't wait to hear all the wonderful stories and the blessings that you personally experienced and also the kids.
    Praying for ya'll and love you!
    Lesa Crosswhite