Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guest Blogger-John Whitten, College Minister/Teaching Pastor, the gathering/Pioneer Drive Baptist Church

Today has been a great day here in Romania! I think we have finally settled into a routine and the jet lag is behind us! We are going strong at our ministry projects. Today our construction crew was able to get the slab poured. We jokingly talk about "Romania time" We are learning that others don't always share the same passion for promptness that (some)Americans do! After waiting around all day yesterday 8 truck loads of concrete arrived on-site today and we were able to get the slab poured! It was great to hear Pastor Ovidiu look on the scene with excitement! The vision God has given him is coming to fruition!

There continued to be many children involved in Vacation Bible School today in the village! Brian Bessent was filling a lot of water balloons today! Jimmy Gault shared a message and was teaching the Romanian children how to play washers. Each day the number of children who have participated has increased. Our orphanage team split in two today and one group spent some time at a very impressive Christian school. The other group returned to the orphanage where we have been working. Stories were shared at our share time tonight of children who have been hurt in the past are beginning to open up to our team! What a great testimony to sharing Christ's love with others! Many of our Vacation Bible School and Orphanage Team Members have had a great time getting to know the children but are definitely struggling with what will happen when they leave! Attachment is happening from all sides!

We had fried chicken, kind of, for dinner! We were introduced to a chicken schnitzel, which again, is kind of, like fried chicken. The construction guys learned the beauty of a cold pepsi and some took a break and tasted ice cream from a village store! Others today went out and canoed on the beautiful lake outside our lodge. We continue to learn the uniqueness and beauty of this culture!

Our team continues to grow together! During our share time it is evident that God's spirit is doing something incredible in the lives of our team! We all know that we will not return to Texas the same! The amount of transparency and authenticity that is present makes it clear to all of us that we are a part of something special. We know that this would not be possible without the prayer and support of so many who are praying for us and who have given to this mission! We are thankful for our prayer teams and the many others who have offered support and encouragement! Pray for us that we will continue to see what God has for us, seize opportunities, and be a blessing to the people of Romania!

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  1. "share the same passion for promptness..." hmm, now who could that be...???