Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I wanted to put a post up that didn't have anything to do with Iceland, which hopefully will give me some closure. Am I still bitter? Of course. And word on the street is the neighbor volcano, Katla, could also explode. No matter what happens, I'll never forget "Iceland Volcano Ash Cloud of Terror and Mayhem 2010."

As for Romania, things are going great here. Our meetings on Fridays with the teenagers from surrounding villages in Susani have continued to grow. Our meetings on Saturdays with younger kids from those same villages has really, really grown. We have loads and loads of fun, as illustrated by the "crazy, in the moment, totally bananas" picture above. And our meetings on Sunday nights in our apartment in Lugoj have grown and we are really looking forward to moving into the new club that we have rented out. This club will become the new place where the group meets on Sundays, so we have been very busy remodeling the interior and removing the Bailey's, Kahlua, and Smirnoff bottles the past week. My job is to sand the windows, so every day when I leave I look like I've been antiqued.

This week Ovidiu and I are kicking our planning for the group into high gear. We took care of some business in Timisoara and Lugoj all day today, will do the same tomorrow, and have appointments with high-ranking, super important people the rest of the week so we can get everything nailed down pat. Things are very busy here but I'm enjoying every minute of it. The weather has really warmed up and I can almost feel the start of a new tan coming on. Almost.

Funny story of the week: I saw a pig on the side of the road going to one of the villages that probably weighed more than my entire family. It was a Mother Pig and had three little piglets with her. As I drove by, Ruben turns to me and says, "Remember that sausage you had yesterday? That old woman killed a pig just like that and has enough food for a whole year. You're welcome." Let's just say I don't think a movie called "Babe: Pig in Romania" would be the best idea.

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  1. Tell "rubrub" I said hey.

    I am getting super pumped to meet all those crazy kids in a month!