Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Autobahn Has Changed My Life

Hola friends. Well, it's been very crazy around here lately and I've pretty much been on the go non-stop for a while now. After we got back from Budapest last weekend, two days later we left for Frankfurt to buy an older van we got a good deal on. We were there for four days and stayed at the businessman's house, which was in the city of Weisbaden. We met up some great people who took us around Frankfurt, Weisbaden, Mainz (where the Gutenburg Bible Musuem is), and to KFC (twice). Time flew by while we were there and it was hard to leave, but it was great to spend time with some great new friends. Afterwards, we drove 17 hours home through Germany, Austria, and Hungary during the middle of the night. I vaguely recalling stopping at a German gas station that had a 1950's American theme and 1950's songs playing in the background...and then having to pay 1 Euro to use the bathroom. All in all, great trip, great new friends, Germany is great, but the autobahn changed my life. Who doesn't love no speed limits and watching Porsches, Audi's, and even a red Ferrari fly by you?

When we got back, I realized that everyone is splitting up to go different directions for Easter weekend. I hopped on with Danny and we're going to his hometown of Motru this afternoon until Tuesday probably, which should be a good time because I've heard his parents know how to cook well. Also, I've heard rumors that there's a cave there...maybe. Basically I'm like the Energizer bunny the past couple weeks; I'm just going, going, going. Have a great Easter break and I'll post again soon.

Funny story: I've made a commitment to not speak English until June because my new friends in Germany were skeptical that I could actually do it. To prove them and the world wrong, I decided to make some notecards and write down random words/phrases that could be useful. While doing so, I decided to have an apple because I couldn't avoid how delicious and nutritious it is. I started slicing it and starting to think about something else, when all of a sudden I look down and see a pool of blood on the cutting board. I had sliced my thumb with our "dull" knife so badly that I bled in the sink for ten minutes, then walked to the bathroom (bleeding all over the ground on the way), and bled in that sink for another twenty minutes. Let's just say it was awkward when Ruben came home and there was blood everywhere. Who knew that learning Romanian would be so dangerous?


  1. Alex. Stop cutting yourself. Ps. Your mom and dad came by the house the other to drop off my wedding gift...which was a door mat. It was great. They miss you very much. Duke and Butler play for the national championship tonight...wish you were here.