Thursday, February 11, 2010

Straja Snow Shindig 2010

First order of business, congrats to the Saints, but especially to the city of New Orleans. I can only imagine how epic of a party that must've been down there in the French Quarter, which probably won't stop until after Mardi Gras on the 16th. It's great to see that city having something to celebrate after everything they've been through in the past five years.

But unlike those in New Orleans, they won't be able to party it up in Straja this weekend like this guy will. We'll be going to Straja, which is about four hours southeast of Lugoj, to stay for three days and play in the snow/mountains. My sources tell me that we might even be sledding...for real. We'll be taking some youth down there, around 25 or 30, and having a grand ol' time. Ovidiu has asked me to speak on Saturday night on hope, so that's something I'll be looking forward to and planning for today. We'll be playing in the snow, eating some food I assume, and having Bible studies, so I think it should be a great time. I'll make sure to take my camera and snap some photos so everyone can be jealous of Romanian snow.

This week has been pretty relaxed and easy-going. Danny made a homemade recipe in the kitchen, which was definitely something I've never had before and ended up being quite delish. The more I've looked at what I've posted on the internet, the more I realize how much I tell the world about the food I've been eating. At first I was a little embarrassed and wanted to make some changes, but after a while I realized that I'm just being honest: I love tasty food, sue me. Food makes the world go 'round, and without delicious food a person will probably have a lower quality of life. I mean, think about it: Do someone ever purposefully go out and choose to eat food that tastes like dirt? Doubtful. That being said, if the food here is an indication of my quality of life, let's just say I'm good to go.

Like I said, pictures from "Straja Snow Shindig 2010" coming soon. Take it easy and have a great weekend.

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  1. So I have this theory...God is Good.

    He knew that meals would bring us together and be such a huge part of community. I mean really, how ofter does great conversation happen over a meal? When we want to build relatiotionships what do we do? We eat.

    So I am happy to read all about the food.