Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Without Further Adieu: Pictures

Okay, so I have some pictures to put up on here of Lugoj, Susani, and the trip to Budapest that we just got back from today. Some of the ones from Budapest are from Danny, who shouldn't be doing mission work but instead work for National Geographic.

Since the end of last week, there have been three guys from Dallas (two from the Village in Dallas, one from FBC Euless) who have been with us here in Susani who are bringing groups here later on in the summer. It was great to hang out with them and talk about such things as the NFL Playoffs, how Tiger Woods was found in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Mexican food. They flew out this morning from Budapest, so yesterday Danny and I took a train from Lugoj to Timisoara, where we met them and we drove to Budapest (which is only four hours). It's such an amazing and beautiful city, I couldn't believe it. Walking around at night, with hardly anyone in the streets in 20 degree weather, was quite an experience. I love that city so I'll make any excuse to get back there and eat as much goulash as humanly possible.

More updates soon friends. Adios.


  1. You mentioned something about Pictures????

    LJ Beckett

  2. Here is an update of what is going on over here.
    We started intramurels for bball and we are called the Ba-rr-ack Eagles in regaurds to Tress' Brock eagles. We dominated our first game and have another today. Wish you were here...If we win the 'ship than i will give you my T-shirt

    And Ive almost beat Assasins Creed II. Heck of a game.

    Hope to talk to you again.